Graph Travel solution kickstart round f – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Graph Travel solution kickstart Problem Ada lives in a magic country A, and she is studying at Magic University. Today, Ada wants to collect magic points in a special space. The space has NN rooms (0,1,…,N−1)(0,1,…,N−1). There are MM corridors connecting the rooms. A corridor jj connects room XjXj and room YjYj, meaning you can travel between the two rooms. The ii-th room contains AiAi magic points and … Read more

Star Trappers solution kickstart round f – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Star Trappers solution kickstart Problem John and Ada are sitting on the grass above a small hill. It is midnight and the sky is full of stars. The sky looks like a 2D plane from so far away and the stars look like points on that plane. Ada loves blue stars and suddenly she notices … Read more

Festival solution kickstart round f – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Festival solution kickstart Problem You have just heard about a wonderful festival that will last for DD days, numbered from 11 to DD. There will be NN attractions at the festival. The ii-th attraction has a happiness rating of hihi and will be available from day sisi until day eiei, inclusive. You plan to choose one of the days to attend the festival. On that day, you will choose up … Read more

Trash Bins kickstart solution round f – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Trash Bins solution kickstart Problem In the city where you live, Kickstartland, there is one particularly long street with NN houses on it. This street has length NN, and the NN houses are evenly placed along it, that is, the first house is at position 11, the second house is at position 22, and so on. The distance between any pair of … Read more

Minimum Number of Operations to Make Array Continuous solution leetcode – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

ou are given an integer array nums. In one operation, you can replace any element in nums with any integer. nums is considered continuous if both of the following conditions are fulfilled: All elements in nums are unique. The difference between the maximum element and the minimum element in nums equals nums.length – 1. For example, nums = [4, 2, 5, 3] is continuous, but nums = [1, 2, 3, 5, 6] is not continuous. Return the minimum number of operations to make nums continuous. Example … Read more

Molkki 18th september written update today – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Molkki 18 september Written Update– Molkki is a serial by colors tv which is a very good show and is watched by many people all over the India. The Molkki show lovers wants to read the written updates , then they have come to the right place where we all provide Molkki written updates everyday … Read more

Udaariyan 18th September Written Update Today – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Udaariyaan 18th September Written Update– Udaariyan Serial by Colors TV is one of the most loved television series by the Indian public. The public wishes to know about the upcoming episode beforehand. This talks about the popularity of the show. To help the curious public, we have mentioned the written update of Udaariyaan 18th September … Read more

Xor-quiz solution codeforces – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

This is an interactive problem. You are given two integers cc and nn. The jury has a randomly generated set AA of distinct positive integers not greater than cc (it is generated from all such possible sets with equal probability). The size of AA is equal to nn. Your task is to guess the set AA. In order to guess it, you can ask at most ⌈0.65⋅c⌉⌈0.65⋅c⌉ queries. In each … Read more

Four Vertices solution codeforces – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Four Vertices solution codeforces You are given an undirected weighted graph, consisting of nn vertices and mm edges. Some queries happen with this graph: Delete an existing edge from the graph. Add a non-existing edge to the graph. At the beginning and after each query, you should find four different vertices aa, bb, cc, dd such that there exists a path between aa and bb, there exists a path … Read more

Points Movement solution codeforces – livenewsexpress 100% correct solution

Points Movement solution codeforces There are nn points and mm segments on the coordinate line. The initial coordinate of the ii-th point is aiai. The endpoints of the jj-th segment are ljlj and rjrj — left and right endpoints, respectively. You can move the points. In one move you can move any point from its current coordinate xx to the coordinate x−1x−1 or the coordinate x+1x+1. The cost of this move … Read more